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I had to post some pics.....

Rileysmom's picture
on February 7, 2009 - 6:18pm

....because I was so proud of Reagan.

She went to the annual father/daughter banquet at our church tonight. But let me back up a few days.

I wanted to kill her Thursday night. Heh. Actually it was sort of my fault. She needed a dress to wear to the occasion. Well, silly me thought I could just run out to Kohl's and pick up an outfit no big deal.

Nothing is ever easy with a 13 year old GIRL.

She was a total brat the whole time we were gone. She had her mind made up that she was having a one piece dress....period...the end.

We just couldn't find anything. We went to 4 different stores. She was basically being a punk. I wanted to let her out on the interstate.

We were in our last store trying on stuff and she gave me an attitude and I said.."Ok, that's it." So I picked up the phone and called Robert. I said "Robert, I don't think yall are going to be able to go to the banquet! Reagan is being difficult and we can't find anything to wear."

She huffed at me all the way home and I was so angry with her. I said "I hope the man you marry is a wet noodle or else he's gonna be screwed!"
We didn't speak for the rest of the night.

The next morning I called my mom and told her the deal. She said "I'll take her shopping. I'd be honored to help her find something."

So today they went to the mall (where I should have gone in the first place) and they came home with a complete outfit. No problems whatsoever.

Sometimes you just have to call in the big dogs......Grandma.

Anyway, she looked gorgeous and I was so proud of her.

Here are a couple of pictures.




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