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Brain? What gives?

lfranklin's picture
on February 9, 2009 - 5:53am

Trying to figure out what's up with my brain lately. I'm trying to catch up on sleep that work + stress have been denying me (when is that new? *sigh*) but it seems like I've had a bad dream just about every night this week. Totally random stuff too and they've all been like movies: I'm not in any of them and I don't know any of the people, it's always some fantasy place, and I'm just watching what's going on. I had this weird dream about a princess trying to escape her evil father who'd sent her off to be married to some other evil king last night. The night before it was a city being besieged by these werewolf-like packs of monsters and there was a group of girls trapped outside the city walls.

...Guess maybe I should write some of these down? If I'm going to lose sleep over them, maybe I can at least get a novel out of them!

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