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on February 9, 2009 - 10:43am

Well, no Grammy for Josh this year but that's okay; he's always a winner with his fans. I'd rather he win one for his own original music than covers of Christmas carols anyway. I saw that Rick Rubin won the Grammy for Producer of the Year, so that should give us all hope for Josh's next album to be recognized by the Academy.

I thought the show was fairly good, considering it appeared to dominated by rap and hip-hop artists. Thankfully, everybody seemed to behave themselves. Some of the highlights for me were Jennifer Hudson (amazing, moving performance); Kid Rock (if you can believe it); Sir Paul McCartney (still an amazing performer after all these years, and David Grohl was awesome on the drums!); and the Bo Diddley and The Four Tops tribute (Tarihq was rockin' it!) numbers.

When it was taking so long for Josh to show up as a presenter, I thought he would probably be the one to introduce Neil Diamond. I was a bit disappointed by Neil's performance; I felt it lacked energy. "Sweet Caroline" is one of my favorite songs of his, and I didn't really care for the way he sang it last night. I realize that he's getting up there in age, but I expected a bit more showmanship from a guy who still packs arenas. Oh, well, that's just my opinion. It was great to see Whitney Houston, but it looked like she'd had too many "sips of grandpa's cough medicine" before the show.

Other notable Grammy winners that Josh has worked with or is an admirer of their work: Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Peter Gabriel and Bela Fleck. Congrats to them!

I have my VCR set to tape Ellen today. Can't wait to see the duet Josh and Ellen do; sounds like it was a real hoot!

Have a great week!

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