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Ellen Can Sing!

jginsodak's picture
on February 10, 2009 - 6:22am

YES! I managed to get the Ellen show taped! I had watched the clip on Nay's website but there was a lot that wasn't included in that, particularly Josh's and Ellen's dance through the audience. I love it when Josh brings out his inner comedian and just has fun. This performance was a lot like the one at the Emmys. And Ellen was great, too! I really should tape her show every day; she's more entertaining than Oprah!

What a scare for Josh, almost losing Sweeney. Thank goodness he's safe at home. Josh is so right about perspective; if he had to choose between having a Grammy or Sweeney, he would pick Sweeney. A Grammy could never replace the unconditional love Josh and Sweeney have; they're family!

On a totally different subject, when do you suppose the FOJG folks will replace the music on FOJG Radio? I love the Noel CD, but it's mid-February and time to move on. :o)

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