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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on February 12, 2009 - 9:20am

Okay … I’m going to get on my soapbox here and spout off about an issue that’s huge in the news at the moment – it’s about that woman who just gave birth to those 8 babies so if you don’t want to hear my side of things then I suggest you go away right now. That being said I discovered today that she has a website now where she’s begging money from people. I am positively livid. How dare that woman who purposely got herself pregnant when she’s already got 6 more at home and isn’t even married BEG WORKING PEOPLE FOR MONEY!?!?! Now before you go off half-cocked with “right to choose” theories – I do agree but it was her right to get pregnant with all these babies now she needs to go to work to support them, right? Why do taxpayers have to pay for her to have a litter? I had three and I’m not begging money from people. I should start a “babies who won’t leave the nest fund” website and see how much foolish people are willing to part with their money. She claims she had all those kids because she was neglected emotionally as a child … my question is – how in the world is she going to have the attention span and the energy to provide that same thing to these children? And for the record she’s already getting some 10 thousand dollars a month from our government for the ones she already has that she can’t support or take care of. Who’s going to put shoes on these fourteen kids, change their diapers, feed them?! They are all going to need to go to the doctor all at once, how’s she going to do that? She’ll need 10 plus car seats and two vehicles to cart them around in. The whole thing is bloody ridiculous – she needs to have her head examined and the people who give her money do too. My thinking is that child services needs to come and relieve her of these children because she can’t possibly take care of all of them like she says she can. She’s not even married for pity’s sake! No, she can’t do it and she needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly for bringing these children into the world and not being able to provide for them. Isn’t there some sort of law against extorting the government to support children you have on purpose to … extort the government? Think about all the decent people in the world who are desperately trying for a child and fail – their hearts broken, shattered into tiny little shards. And this one is doing this on purpose?! No, she needs to be stopped. I think she’s psychotic.

So who wants to donate to the “little birdies who won’t leave the nest” fund? I take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and plain old fashioned big, fat, juicy check.

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