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Happy Valentine's Day!

Cupid's picture
on February 14, 2009 - 5:59am

Happy Valentine's Day, guys! Boy, am I going to be busy today! Like Santa, I have to be everywhere in one day! Thankfully, I have plenty of help from my "Soldiers of Love" backing me up. However, on a "somewhat" serious note...It's been a pretty lonely road for old Cupid until you guys (and Josh) came into his life. After all, he has been able to "dish it out" but hadn't exactly been receiving it in return. That is until Thank You! You have no idea what a difference you've made. I Really need to thank Josh as well. After all, I wouldn't have come here without him. Not to mention that he makes me feel (at least somewhat) better about myself and I don't dwell on my hardships as often. And that's (one of many reasons) why I will always love him. BTW, Mega Hunk Bobby Cannavale will be representing me in a Self-Titled show starting in March. So why Bobby? Because I can't let my show fail can I? Hopefully giving the public someone nice to look at will boost my ratings! Have a Fabulous Day and take care! Cupid (aka Roger).

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