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LOVE IS........

krisinct's picture
on February 14, 2009 - 11:59am

So, today I am thinking about the loves of my life - my husband and my son. I am so thankful for these two wonderful people who bless me everyday.
Yesterday my husband called me while I was out at lunch running errands. He said that his tie rod to his car snapped and that he had to try and get to a mechanic to have it fixed.
The particular piece hold the wheels on the car safely. He was lucky - he was at a stop sign and getting ready to turn when it happened.
Thank god that he was not driving on the highway or had my son in car which he did for most of the week and there was a dealership 300 yards away from where it happened!

I am thankful for the angel that was looking over us yesterday.

It cost us $300 to have it fixed - a small price to pay to have my family safe don't ya think?

Love to you all this Valentine's Day :)

Here is a pic of my son and hubby!

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