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Happy Valentines Day

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on February 14, 2009 - 2:45pm

Forgive my spelling.... on the song, it's like a major favorite of mine, I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH, I haven't looked up the translation- nor is there really any need for it, I mean, really, really, is there??? yeah..UM..NO :) You can FEEL IT"S DEPTH.

I let my daughter go to a (male)friends for the extra long wknd we have here & completely space cased that it is Valentines Day today.... GOOD JOB MOM- I remember being 16 (& getting caught 4 doing things only married people should do, that's a direct quote from my Dad,thank God it wasn't in the act & he read something in a letter from my idiot b-friend-who had already left for navy boot camp in FL & we lived in Santa Barbara,needless to say,he came hm on leave,I didn't know about the letter.. we actually did have a "SHOTGUN WEDDING",& yes, in LAS VEGAS at apx 2am- it was that or have my Dad call Jeff's "CO". Man, was I an IDIOT, I married the fool so HE wouldn't get sent to "the brig".... At least I eventually got 2 great kids out of the deal...) I have a ongoing communication w/ Kim's boy-"that's a friends" Mom, younger siblings are great tattle tales & Kim's friend has 2 sisters who also have friends over and they are all only allowed in the main family room,well now, after I talked to the other Mom again, It is frightening what you have to worry about as a parent, I thought it was rather difficult 10yrs ago. I was wrong, about it seeming easier to keep them safe/healthy/happy/fed/clothed/yada-yada-yada.... now that they're both in 10th grade :) Not a whole lot easier-

Happy Valentines Day again.
I have a date with Mr. Christopher I guess, he's always up for a trip to get Chinese take out and CHOCOLATE :)


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