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oakley08's picture
on February 15, 2009 - 3:31pm

I am beginning to feel constantly frustrated with the boards here on FOJG, since i signed up i have never been able to access the boards and meet all the lovely peeps on there, and i know it seems to be an on going problem, before i joined. Especially with Josh's birthday fast approaching but i am unable to write any birthday message or wishes! how long has this been going on? will it ever be sorted out? they must be inundated with messages for help but i sent my reply to be sorted and never got a reply....:-(
Maybe i am just extra crabby because of moving house which needs more work doing on it and the fact that my hubby cant find his phone charger even tho its probably right in front of him but he still cant find it, so, in typical male fashion is stropping around the house!! oh the joy..........welcome to half term week hell lol!

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