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He's here!!!

MJKC9397's picture
on February 15, 2009 - 6:13pm

Well, I wanted to make the announcement a lot sooner, but my computer died the day before I had the baby! I've "borrowed" Craig's computer for the moment; no telling when mine will be fixed (SIDENOTE: NEVER trust Best Buy--HORRIBLE customer service and their warranties mean absolutely NOTHING except that you pay $$$ for no reason!!!).

Anyway, Carson was born almost 2 weeks ago. We're doing pretty good. I lost a lot of blood and am having trouble getting back on my feet. I'm still a little weak, and the doctor has ordered me to do nothing until my blood has built back up. Hopefully I'm on the tail end of that ordeal! I'm ready to be up and moving! And so far, aside from a couple of days of 'baby blues' I have had NO SIGNS OF POST PARTUM DEPRESSION!!!!! While I didn't have it until after I quit nursing my oldest, I did get it immediately with the other two, so I am really hoping that I'm 'in the clear' this time and that I will not have to endure fighting PPD again...

And completely aside from the health issues, I am absolutely RUINED! I now have a SON!!! :) I love my girls dearly...and now I have a sweet baby boy to love as well! I pity the first girl that breaks his heart!!! hehehe My hope? That he will stay a "mama's boy" without actually BEING a "mama's boy"!!! Makes sense, right?! LOL

Well, little guy needs me...gotta go for now!

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