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A bit of good news/ My Walmart Valentine

sweetsong34's picture
on February 16, 2009 - 2:04am

You guys are great. Even after five years, there are still some great people around here that make fojg a nice place to be. Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed it to stay positive while the hubby recovers. I hope you all are doing well. I wish I could spend more time getting acquainted, but it seems like the only time I pop in here is late at night when I can't sleep or I'm up late working.

Anyway, I have a bit of good news: the police report will be amended to show Brandt wasn't at fault. What a relief. Now it's just getting the hubby healed from his back strain, and back to his old self again. This may take longer than we hoped, but we're both just thankful for being able to be together one more day.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Our romantic day consisted of a trip to Walmart to buy a heating pad for the dear hubby's back. Considering our circumstances and twelve years of wedded bliss (well, maybe bliss is too strong of a word, but we are blessed to be able to love each other), you learn not to set your expectations too high :) While I was browsing the sale aisles and my son and Brandt looked at the latest in Legos, I hear a familiar voice over the speaker, "And you will always shine and I can feel your heart in mine..." Pretty soon, here comes Brandt with a goofy grin on his face and asked, "Did you hear that?" I laughed and said, "Of course. And you're still you." He just kinda rolled his eyes and chuckled. So that was the extent of our sappily romantic moment in Walmart, of all places--a little strange, I know, but I thought it was sweet of him to think of me when he heard that familiar voice. It turned out to be a nice V-day after all. I hope yours was just as nice.

Christine :)

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