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Better Late Than Never...

Cupid's picture
on February 17, 2009 - 12:30pm

So, I was just wondering...Does everyone know about the Birthday auction that GFC is holding? I remember seeing a paragraph on the fansite news announcing it but hadn't heard anything about it since. Thankfully, I received an e-mail announcing it or I would have forgotten it. BTW, has everyone been able to catch Josh's latest appearance on Ellen? Honestly, every time he's on her show he's not only hilarious but he brings the house down! LOL! John Mayer was also funny and Lady Antebellum's performance was really cool. BTW, before I forget...I saw another commercial for my show "Cupid" (starring Bobby "Major Hunk" Cannavale) and it will be shown on ABC. I'll get back to you on the day and time. Have a Great Day! Roger

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