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on February 17, 2009 - 7:43pm

My cousins and the other Josh G. just left for home(Maryland). My cousin Jess as call her as a fairly new boyfriend. His name is Sam. She calls him her Josh G. She came out of a real bad relationship last year. She met up with Sam and se is one happy person. Sam came with her to introduce him to us.He is anice,loving,compassionate, giving man.... well I could go on. His hair OMJ!!!! gorgeous light brown silky curly hair!! Beautiful brown eyes too! When I first met him he came up to me and gave me a hug. He told me that he had heard so much about me and was glad to finally meet me. What a sweetheart!!! OH!! I mustn't forget he's so handsome too. Sam and his brothers have their own band named Higher By Nature. I like what they have to say in their songs. It's not what I'm normally used to but it has grown on me. Sam told me that he has never been to a place where people are so friendly and helpful. It was nice to visit with them. I was sad to see them go but Sam says that they'll be back for sure.

On another note I was in the store today picking up a few things. When I was in line Dave called and asked me to pick up some ice cream. I made a little comment that to him that ice cream wasn't on my diet. I hung up the phone and the checker who might have been oh maybe 24 yrs of age told me how beautiful I was and that a little ice cream couldn't change that. I was completely FLOORED!!! WOOOOOOW!!! No one has ever said anyhting like that to me outside the family before. OK, I feel sad because my cousins are gone but on top of the world because of the huge compliment I received. I had better go and take care of some chores.

Have a JOSHFUL night all.



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