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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on February 19, 2009 - 5:05am

What's a CBO you ask? Why it's a cardboard Barack Obama! And he's currently visiting Canada! How crazy is that?!?! Check it out:


Wonder if they have parties and bring CBO cake with his pic on it?

Well I don't have too much more to say at the moment. I found out two days ago that our office manager Laura is leaving to go to Canada with her husband. I told her she was going to become a Canucknucklehead! Anyway, he's a pastor and a church near Toronto has hired him. I'm actually kind of sorry to see her go anymore. I used to think she was out for my blood and it really turns out she was somewhat protecting me in the office. Who would have known?! We had a discussion about the "Trinity" yesterday and I'm really sorry I just can't subscribe to the ideal that Jesus is God. There's just too much in the Bible that says he isn't but boy she really has herself convinced. It's okay because I'm not here to judge her and/or tell her that her beliefs are wrong. Who knows, mine might actually be ... but I doubt it! Photobucket


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