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Moron Customer Phone calls Part 1

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on February 19, 2009 - 11:55am

Okay soo an idiot women calls yesterday here's how the Phone Call went
Me: Costco how can I help you?
Idiot: Ya Hi I need a GPS.. you have 1 on sale in your coupon book it says Online Only .. can I buy that in the store?
Me: Well if it says online only, then No, it isn't in our store you have to buy it ONLINE..
Idiot: ohh ok I didn't know.. well I need a GPS but I need it to have Bluetooth cause I'm not allowed to drive and talk at the same time..
Me: Uhh okay.. well we have some in the store but you'll have to actually come in and look at the ones we have to see which one you would like...!
Idiot: ya it has to have blue tooth .. Like I said I can't drive and talk at the same time.. I've been in 5 dui's already.. and I can't get another 1...
Me: **jaw dropped to floor ** Um Okaaaaaaaaaay
Idiot: Ya it's crazy the cops around here are out to get everyone.. so you better be careful My 1st accident they said I was drunk but I totally wasn;t .. the 2nd time I got a DUI but I was drunk I had prescription drugs.. and I got in t rouble for t aking them and driving.. and then the next week I hit a tractor trailer head on .. and they fined me cause they said I was trying to commit suicide.. but i wasnt i was just on the pphone and I lost concentration.. it's just crazt the cops are like everywhere..
ME; Uhh okay.. well like I said you'll have to come in and look at them ..
Idiot: ya it has to have bluetooth.. it;s not fair you know this lady who lives in teh apartment next to me.. she got 9 DUI';s and never once had her license takken away.. but I get mine taken away for 6 month's can you beleive it..
ME: **silence**
Idiot: well I guess can you transfer me to teh GPS department so I can talk to them..
ME: sure have fun..

OMFG are people really this stupid..? YES virginia.. people are really just that stupid.. !!!
This was a real Phone call from last night ..

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