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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on February 24, 2009 - 10:51am

I was lying on a table … the man came at me with the needle and injected me telling me that it would numb the area before he proceeded to use another needle and … tattoo my leg! I was having a very strange dream this morning before I woke up that I was getting a string of butterflies tattooed up the outer edge of my leg from my thigh, over my knee and onto my shin. He’d gotten the black outline of the insects drawn onto my skin when he was called away and never really got back to coloring them in! Why do we dream? Do any of you have education or theories in this matter? I guess all the research done with dreams is purely speculation at this point. No one really KNOWS why we dream or why we dream what we do but the best theory I’ve heard so far (and bear in mind I’m not really one who believes in the supernatural like dreaming about green clovers means you will be getting a large sum of money) is that your brain never really “goes to sleep” when you do and that because you aren’t truly conscious random thoughts pop into your head … being the structured and logical creatures we are your brain naturally puts these “random” thoughts into logical order and that’s why they are strange and confusing. But what about these reoccurring dreams that we have? Like mine – I haven’t had one in years now but I dreamt that I was driving up a very, very steep hill and couldn’t get to the top. It was so steep that I felt like I was in danger of flipping the car backwards and tumbling end over end until I reached the bottom! It wasn’t always exactly the same but the idea was the same. So how do we explain that? At one time when the kids were young and I didn’t work I would go to the library with them often and I found a book on controlling your dreams – I thought THAT would be pretty doggone cool so I tried it. The first step was to distinguish fully in your mind when you were awake or actually dreaming so you were to post signs all over your house with the question; ARE YOU DREAMING? It was so that you could check your surroundings – if you see a zebra playing with toys in the baby’s room then it was fairly obvious that yes you were dreaming! The idea was that you get used to asking yourself the question and when you were dreaming you would know it then be able to actually control what your dream. I was only able to achieve that goal ONCE during that time and it was pretty cool – the first skill you are supposed to be able to learn when controlling your dreams is flying so that day I had decided to take a nap and while I was lying there I dreamt I was flying. Oddly enough I just remembered that I dreamt another time I was flying and I was in an office looking down. Josh was sitting on a couch weeping … this was right before he and January broke up. VERY weird. So anyway … I just wondered if there was any significance to the fact that the butterflies on my leg had been outlined but NOT filled in. Was it just a fluke of the dream or does it mean something that the tattoo remained colorless? I’m just interested in your opinion. …............................

To 1MNFAN - EXCELLENT!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

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