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Happy Birthday Josh!!!...

RuthLM's picture
on February 27, 2009 - 6:57am

I send HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Josh and his brother Chris. Hope they get to spend some time together today to celebrate.

My son is off to Tulsa,OK this afternoon for a rugby tournament. Even though he can't play he can go and cheer the team on.

We have a weather cold front moving in, so it will be 58 this afternoon instead of 85 like yesterday.

My son and I went to the dentist yesterday. He checked out great, but I need a filling. I knew this would need to be done, was just waiting for the dentist to say now is the time.

My son will start the process of getting his braces off beginning in April, several months earlier than expected. After they are totally off he will have to have some of his gums lasered off so it will look right.

Hopefully my new wall oven will arrive and be put in before my son and I go to Hawaii on 3/14 for the school trip. Sad to say, but my husband doesn't take care of those types of things well.

Well, off to get some more housework, laundry,
spring cleaning and errands done before work tomorrow.

Have a great weekend one and all.

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