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Ashes and stuff......

Rileysmom's picture
on February 27, 2009 - 6:37pm

One of our doctors came in on Wednesday with this big black smudge on his forehead. He's always a crackup, so I thought "This nut has lost his mind".
Then someone mentioned Lent.
I was like..."Ohhhh right, forgot." Being southern baptist....we don't really keep up with Lent. This particular doctor had me giggling all day with this black cross on his forehead. He is the one doctor in our practice that is always right on the edge of what's appropriate. I'm surprised someone hasn't slapped him with a SH lawsuit. So, when I saw the ash on his head, I thought.."Hmm, wonder what he's giving up for Lent.....porno?" ROFL!!

Seriously, to each his own. I don't get Lent. From what I understand of the Bible, it's a daily walk. Not just several weeks out of the year before Easter.

But...hey..if it makes ya feel better about yourself to give up chocolate....or Josh.....I say go for it.


Happy Birthday Josh....

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