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My First Blog

spivy2527's picture
on March 2, 2009 - 7:41am

So like my title said, this is my first blog. I just woke up and of couse I had to see if there was anything new with Josh. Since its my first blog I will just tell you a little about myself. I live in Wisconsin, I just turned 20 on Feb 25th. I'm not in school right now but is hopefully going to get reaccepted to UW-Platteville. I went there for my fisrtyear of college and don't know why I really left..I think because I was scare, cause things were getting hard so I gave up, which is never like right now I'm trying to get back on "the band wagon"I woulf never say this usually but I really like school and miss it.
The big influencesin my life was always my family and my grandma was the most..but she died of a stroke in 2003, it was like a piece of me died with her..I have never been truly happy since. But an amazing man with his powerful voice has helped me know she is watching over me. I heardhim on oprah sing "to where you are, but it didn't have such a great impact on meuntil I lost her. Now everyday is a battle for me and when I listen to his music all the pain and hurt..any emotion I have just melts away and all I hear is the beautiful lyrics and even more beautfil voice. IKve been battleing depression for a year now..and josh was there with his music when no one else was. "Don't give up"(you are love) reminds me everyday that when times are bad and I feel like I'm in a black hole that people will help me through andlove me.
I know most of this blog seems sadbut I have had a lot of bad things happen in my life but one thing will always be great..since joining fojg and facebook I have been blessed to make friends who knows what I go through and has even experience the same thing I have. I have never met such a loving and caring group of people..I would love to know more of goal in life is to help people..anything it takes.

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