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Dear Josh....

Rileysmom's picture
on March 2, 2009 - 3:29pm

This is selfish I realize....

but....please don't tour until 2010. or at least late fall 2009.

Somehow I've managed to already have my entire summer planned out.

..and I didn't leave any room for much Josh.

We planned a cruise for the end of May. When I went to pay it off, the girl on the phone said the price had come down $400 bucks!! I said "Hang on a minute...WOOOOHOOO!! Ok...sorry about that." She cracked up laughing.

Then....this friend of mine talked us into sharing a villa in Hilton Head in July. We will be going with a group of friends, but staying in different places. That didn't take much to talk Robert into it.
Who doesn't love a beach trip?

We are so excited. Frankly if we had met these friends before we booked this cruise, we would have just went to the beach instead of a cruise.
It's really rare to find a bunch of people that you really gel with.

It all started in our small group at church. We were a really huge group of about 50 people, then our leader decided we should split 3 ways to keep it smaller.
I was so grieved by that because I liked a lot of people.
Well, all the people that we were friends with went to a smaller group. From that point on we got really close. Always doing stuff together, especially the girls.
It's something all the time.
Our kids play well together. It's almost too good to be true.

Anyway, we are all going to the beach together...and we are thrilled to death. I'm almost more excited about that than our cruise.

In the meantime I'm taking my lunch every day to work and pinching every where I can to pay for all this craziness.

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