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on March 7, 2009 - 9:26pm

Here I am at home doing nothing and spending time with my pooch. Last night about 10:00 JR started to go in and out of the house like there was a revolving door. I was getting concerned. Well, about 5:00 this morning he started vomiting. He was going at it for several hours. I laid next to him to let him knnow that I was there for him. He would cuddle with me from time to time. He finally stopped vomiting. Yippee!!! He's still very lathargic though. JR's dr. said that he might have some kind of virus or flu bug. It's going around. I never thought of aninmals getting the flu. How narrow minded of me. I've been giving him ice chips periodically and tomorrow if he is still keeping the water down I'll feed him a combination of rice and browned ground beef. I'll start off with a 1/4 cup to see how he does. No pain meds for me tonight. I need to be ready if JR needs me tonight. I'll get a better sleep tomorrow when Dave can watch him. I know he's old but this really got to me today. I guess I will never be ready to lose him. On that note I'll sign off for the night and lay next to JR and give him lots of extra lovin.

Hope that your Sunday will a beautiful and peaceful one.


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