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Great to be back...

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on March 8, 2009 - 3:18pm

Wow... It's great to be back (at last).

So much has been going on I just needed to take a step back from pretty much everything.

For starters, my dad's health has gotten worse. During a follow-up visit with his doctor, it was discovered that his throat cancer was back. PET/CAT Scans also found lung cancer. Sadly, the doctor informed my dad his cancer was viral (meaning it will continue to spread) and terminal (meaning he will eventually die of cancer). Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done except Chemo.

The Chemo seems to be going okay... He only ended up in the hospital once. Oh, and he lost 20 lbs in a month and a half (making him under weight). He's 6'1" tall and weighs in at 158. According to the doctor, he needs to gain at least 10 lbs to be healthy.


I've been on a diet for sometime now and as a treat to myself for losing the weight that I did (and keeping it off), I recently treated myself by going out and purchasing an MP3 player. Since I never had one before, it took some time and a few "choice" words, but I managed to download all of Josh's songs onto it along w/ select songs by Paul Simon and Billy Joel along with some dance tunes.

Around that time, my cell phone died... Literally. The battery wouldn't charge or anything. So, that led to a trip to Verizon (and what a trip it was). Being a new Verizon customer, I poured on the charm and somehow convinced the guy to include the phone for free (w/ no mail-in rebate)! We talked and joked around for about an hour while he showed me the features on my new phone and processed the contract. I was so embarrassed though when I had to hand over my old phone to have the phone numbers transferred to the new phone... The phone was so old, the guy referred to it as a relic and asked if he could keep it (after removing the phone numbers) to show the others. Of course, what could I say? I didn't need it for anything. So, I watched to make sure all the numbers were removed before leaving.

So, now I have my new cell phone and I'm still trying to figure out all the features on it.

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