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I'm back ... again!

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on March 8, 2009 - 9:20pm

Let’s see … I started getting sick Feb. 21-22. I went to the doctor on Monday Feb. 23 and got a prescription for antibiotics. By Thursday night, I realized that something was wrong. The medicine wasn’t lasting from one pill to the next. I called the doctor’s office on Friday morning Feb. 27 to get a stronger prescription. Picked up the new prescription Friday evening and then went to the airport to pick up my sister Sue, who flew in from NJ to visit.

I had requested Monday thru Wednesday as vacation so that I could visit with my sister. I didn’t start feeling better until the day she left, which was Wednesday. So I called my boss and asked if it was all right to take off the rest of the week too. He approved it.

Part of what I had planned was to start cleaning out the garage. I still have boxes in there from when my mom and I moved here 3 1/2 years ago. I need to sort through them because I am paying for a storage unit that has more boxes in it. I want to stop paying the extra money for the storage. I cut up some cardboard boxes so that I could recycle them. I’d been bad about getting rid of the boxes. I finished cutting them up and then received another box from my niece with Christmas presents … yes, from last December, another box for me to cut up. These are all odd sized boxes that serve no useful purpose to use for storage. I then put together some metal shelving units that I bought to store those things I want to keep in the garage. At least I started the process.

I took my mom to the casino in Oklahoma on Saturday March 7. Little did I realize that I was getting sick again … with something else. I started feeling funny, the kind of funny when you know your body is telling you something is wrong. We stopped to eat but I hardly touched the food. I started feeling nauseous. I went to the restroom and felt a little better when I came out. A little while later, I started feeling nauseous again and repeated my trip to the restroom. I didn’t throw up but, again I felt better when I came out.

The not so fun part started when we got home. I took my sinus pill and that was all I needed to open the flood gates. I threw up repeatedly. I hadn’t done that for well over a decade. I also had severe diarrhea, the kind where you drink some water and keep running to the restroom. I took some Imodium and eventually that helped. I also was running a fever of about 100.6 that kept me up most of the night. I kept drinking water and running to the bathroom. I took some Tylenol and put cold compresses on my head. Eventually, I fell asleep.

I nursed myself with chicken broth and more Tylenol and Imodium. I also slept about 6 hours during the day. It is now Sunday evening March 9 and I believe I’ll be well in the morning … to go back to work. Sometimes life just doesn’t go according to plan.

God bless us, everyone!

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