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About Face!

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on March 9, 2009 - 5:26pm

Well, I finally bit the bullet and have activated my Facebook account. In just a couple of days and in very limited time, I now have--I think--45 friends! Lots are from way back when...other states, other times in my life and it's really neat to see them in pictures with all their kids, spouses, and even extended family members I used to know. Gets me a little sentimental! And then there are the new friends, local and's neat getting to know more about who they are. That's something that's really hard to do long-distance. Extended family members I haven't seen in "forever" have been really neat to reunite with, too.

Anyway, I haven't had much time online at father-in-law got Craig and I both hooked on the Facebook...and other than that small amout of time, I've just been all about my family and getting used to having another member in the house. One who needs to eat around the clock (with the exception of about 6 hours during the night--thank goodness for that--at least I do get to sleep some!). Anyway, I hope my Grobie friends can forgive me for not being able to stay caught up with their lives like I'd like to right now. I do think of all of you every day, and have been able to check in some; it's just really hard to reply since typing requires at LEAST one hand and both of mine are usually juggling a sweet little bundle-of-boy right now! :) It'll all balance back out soon and I promise I'll try to do better! Grobie (((Hugs))) to everyone!

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