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on March 12, 2009 - 7:25am

Well, I leave on Saturday for the high school trip to Hawaii.
Hopefully, all the mix ups will be fixed by then.
1. They put me in a double room when I paid for a single.
2. They gave my son a M sized shirt ( he hasn't been that size since the 5th grade). He is supposed to get at least a L size before we leave. (he normally takes an XL..he is 5"11 and about 175lbs at 15 years old).

We have to be up at the high school by 6am on Sat. to pack up the buses and leave. We have a direct flight to Hawaii ( there are a total of 4 flights that the kids are on..2 with layovers at LAX). We get back to the high school around 8:15am on Friday. They have lots of activites planned for us and it should be long as I, or my son, don't get a sunburn; we are both very fair skinned. I have sunblock 85, and my son sunblock 70. He had a second degree sunburn last summer ( there was a girl involved), so I'll keep reminding him how that felt and he should wear the sunscreen. I plan to wear the sunblock and stay in the shade as much as possible.

I'm working on getting all the music I want on my ipod and probably a movie as well...maybe Band of is about 10 hours long. We got an ipod charger last night that we can plug into a wall outlet.
Since he will be in another room wit 3 other boys, I am going to keep the charger with me. That way he will have to see me every once in a while.

I've made lots of cookies to take with us as well as other snacks since it is an 8hour flight and no food will be served. Plan to make myself a small sandwich as well. We will buy some drinks at the airport.

Well, I guess I had better go get ready to go to my son's orchestra UIL competition. The boys wear tuxs and they all look so handsome. The girls wear long black dresses. All look so professional. Wish I could get Josh to come and sing with the high school orchestra, but that is only a dream. We have such a wonderful orchestra.

I have volunteered to be the JV liason for the football booster club for next year. Not quite sure what I'll be doing but I'll find out soon as we have a mtg after I get back from Hawaii.

It is cold and rainy here in North Texas today, but we need the rain badly.

Everyone take care, will tell you all about the trip when I get back.


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