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and God's blessings!!!

MJKC9397's picture
on March 13, 2009 - 9:28am

THERE IS NO CANCER!!! After all the distress, prayers, and tears, the little girl's cancer is NONEXISTENT! They were in surgery to remove lymph nodes and the doctor came in and told her mama that he had not seen it in 16 years of practice and that he couldn't explain it, but that there was no cancer in her body! Apparently the scans she had Wednesday were mistaken, and it took the human eye to see that there was no cancer; only scar tissue and maybe a little infection! (They had said Craig's grandmother's cancer was gone back in the Fall, but they were only going off of scans--not surgery...later surgery revealed his grandmother's cancer was just "hiding" and she passed away shortly after...). I stay confused about the Cancer Beast...I guess that's why there's no's elusive and doesn't always do what is expected...

All I know is that there are LOTS of people rejoicing and thanking God...and now I need to be planning a celebration for Amber for our Girl Scout troop to give her next week when we have our meeting! :)

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