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Only Friday the 13th

lfranklin's picture
on March 13, 2009 - 9:05pm

So... yesterday was kinda crummy. Bad time of the month to be female, I didn't sleep well, skating was *early* thanks to a meeting at work, I didn't skate that well cause I didn't eat breakfast before, had meetings for projects at work I'm frustrated with, had to struggle to work 8+ hours, got home and had to deal with dad (I swear, he's lucky he's no a husband or some other significant other cause I'd have *unloaded* on him), then went to bed thinking that today would be just as wonderful.

...But my dog tucked me into bed last night (in her doggy-fashion ;) ) and then let me sleep till the alarm went off, my spins were actually working this morning, got to another meeting at work first thing int he morning and was handed an Outstanding Performance Award (complete with bonus check!), made tangible progress on all my projects, got called out to dinner with a friend and then came home... and found the Placido Domingo CD on the doorstep waiting for me!


So while I mourn the loss of my Friday night video gaming, I can at least surf the net with a good sound track :)

Hope your days are balancing out all!

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