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Animal Farm... Or should I say house?

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on March 16, 2009 - 7:37pm

Last night, I heard the most horrific (true) story from a friend. I was a bit skeptical, until I saw the pictures of the inside of the house and animals she sent me.

Think of those animal rescue shows on "Animal Planet".

A few weeks ago, my friend was told by her elderly neighbor that his niece (who is mentally unstable) was evicted from her rental home (owned by her mom) for failure to maintain it... He asked if she would be able to go up North with him to help get the pets out that she left behind.

Of course at the mention of the word "pets", she inquired about how many and what type(s). Her neighbor wasn't exactly sure how many pets, but he did know that she had a varitey of birds, rabbits, and a few cats. Having had birds, rabbits and cats in the past, she agreed to help out.

So, yesterday, she went up North w/ her neighbor to "rescue" the pets not having a clue what she was getting herself into. His niece left everything behind when she left. Because the house had been closed up for so long, the house was dirty and smelled horrific... And all of the pets were running (flying) around loose in the house!

As it turned out, her neighbor knew the animals were loose and that his niece didn't believe animals should be caged up, but didn't mention it because he was afraid nobody would help him w/ the animals... He was afraid to get the Humane Society involved because he didn't want his niece charged w/ being cruel to animals.

It took all day, but they removed safely removed all the animals... 25 birds (3 parrots, 11 love birds and 11 parakeets), 4 rabbits, and 2 cats.

My friend and her mom adopted the 3 parrots along with 3 love birds and 3 parkeets. My friend's sister is adopting the cats and the remainder of the birds and rabbits are going to animal sanctuaries.

A happy ending to an otherwise horrific story... The animals are all safe and sound.

The house itself now remains empty until the old man has the chance to return with a team of neighbors who have teamed up to help with the cleaning. Once cleaned, the property owner (the man's sister), plans on moving in.

A weird story, I know... But sadly enough it's true.

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