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Animal House... Update

wigirl's picture
on March 17, 2009 - 5:57am

I personally believe people who are cruel to animals should be percicuted as well.

UPDATE: Talked with my friend again last night and asked her what happened to the guy's niece because it seemed rather odd that she'd just up and leave w/ nothing...

The elderly man's niece just up and left. Nobody has seen or heard from her in months. What the family is still trying to figure out is why she left instead of seeking treatment (she's mentally unstable) and how long the animals have been alone in the house.

According to the elderly man, he was able to convince his sister last night on the phone to have the house put up for sale after it's cleaned.

So, what about all the contents in the house? The elderly man's nephew is coming out from CA to sort through everything. Most items will be tossed. Anything of value will be sold on either E-Bay or Craig's list (and what doesn't sell will be given to chariety).

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