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on March 18, 2009 - 12:12pm

We've had beautiful weather for the girls' spring break. Craig's home this week too...of course, it's due to a week-long lay-off from his job...but we're blessed to all be together anyway! His birthday is today, too. He's been spending his time off checking things off his "honey-do" list this week...some of which include part of his birthday gift--fixing up his truck like he's wanted to for quite some time...he's even taking it to be painted next week! I'm just happy he agreed to it!

Well, I got another message from the cousin I wrote about in my last sounded more promising. I responded last night(after thoroughly thinking through what I should say)and hope to hear back from him again. I pray that somehow, some way I can have a good influence on him and that he'll get the help he needs to heal...

Craig gave me my first-ever St. Patrick's day card from him was more of an anniversary card, though, marking the 2-year anniversary since we saw Josh in concert...I'm thinking it's just about time for Josh to be throwing us a bone!!! WHERE is the new album?!?!

Well, on to other things for me today...I was really hoping to get in the yard today...then Riley saw a snake out there earlier. I think I'm over my urge!!!!! EEEK. So, it's either laundry, general cleaning, or cleaning out my office/craft room to get it ready for the new window Craig's putting in there later this week...we've only had it setting here for the 2 years since we did the rest of the renovation!!!

Hope everyone has a good day!

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