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woohoo... the sun is shining

Christiane's picture
on March 20, 2009 - 8:33am

Against our weather forecast we have a sunny and windy day - the forecast was for rain and snow today. But the temperature isn't as warm as the days before.

:o) I won today two VIP-packages for a cinema event from our local radio station. My luck is back. But I would give a lot to change my luck at competitions to have luck to falling into love. And since I am loosing weight I am becoming more self-confident than before. One of my targets for this year is to reach my optimal weight - the difference is now just 7 kilos. Until now I lost around 15 kilos. I am very proud of me. But it was and it is a hard work: a lot of sports and the change of my "food habits". That was the hardest part. Because I love chocolate... A friend of mine lost also 16 kilos in the last 6 months - I am also very proud of him. :o) And we support and motivate us as good as we can.

yeah... In a half an hour starts my weekend. :o)

I wish you all a fantastic weekend.

Smiles and hugs

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