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Saturday, March 21, 2009

BethanyHenderson's picture
on March 21, 2009 - 9:49am

I'm really excited to see the play tonight. This will be the final performance and I talked to a few of the people I work for who were hoping to go, unfortunately all the tickets have been sold. It's a shame the auditorium is so small, because the school could be making a lot more money.

My sister has been home all week for break, but I only saw her for the first time yesterday. We're both busy.

Last Sunday it snowed here which was a total surprise. I had to work, and I was really disappointed when I woke up, but I made it to work okay. Here in the northwest we're not used to a lot of snow, so our tolerance this winter has been pretty low for most people. I think everyone is ready for Spring! First day of Spring was yesterday, correct? So that means no more snow til next Winter, I hoope.

My dad is in Arizona for a while. I can't remember if it's trip for business or if it's a little vacation. He is there with friends and they're going to watch the Mariners at spring training,lucky.

I HAVE THE DAY OFF!! Yay! I feel so behind with everyone though, and I'm going to use this day to catch up. I haven't been home in about 3 days which is terrible. I've been at my parents' house. I should finish laundry, and get things organized as usual today.

My dog is going to be 10 next month, and it's finally hit me, he's getting old :( He's still as energetic as ever, but hitting the big decade mark is a big milestone for a dog. Every year we bake him a cake and let him eat a few bites...we love our puppy!!!

I must go and get to work on all of my tasks I've been procrastinating about!!!

Have a good day everyone :)

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