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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on March 22, 2009 - 7:59am

I'm not exactly sure what else was going on in the dream . now wait ... the more I think about it the more that comes to me. I was trying to get ready to go to the store with my nieces, Duncan, and Emma ... my niece came over for a visit and brought some laundry she had to do but for some reason had to go to the store so we were preparing to go and they started off to the car without me while I was getting on my shoes ... I was halfway out to the car when I remembered I didn't have my wallet so I had to go back and I had to go through all these other people's houses to get to mine and they weren't really thrilled about it. So I get my wallet and as I'm walking to the parking lot they were coming BACK from the store already - that's how long it took me to get my stuff. THEN trying to get back to the apartment was frustrating because I couldn't remember how I'd gotten there in the first place and didn't want to go back through all those people's places to get there ... I was in the middle of some sort of an amusement park (and I don't mean Groban) and I was going to slide down this huge slide when I dropped my wallet again and scrambled down to get to it before someone could empty it of its contents. Someone who was standing next to me asked me about all the freckles and brown spots on my arm and I said they were just freckles and then I noticed one of them was huge, misshapen, and swollen and I got scared because I'd never seen it like that before and now I was positive that it was a cancerous tumor, it was huge and hung off my wrist. I was freaked. So I woke up wondering what the heck that was all about - not to mention my wallet being such a focal point of this dream. I remember distinctly that it was a Sunday night around 10PM and I had to hurry to the store and back because my niece had to get her laundry done and go home so she could get ready for work the next day. Soooooo are you ready dream interpreters???


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