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Sunday off??

Nessa7's picture
on March 22, 2009 - 11:05am

I drove to work.
I open Sundays, but today, there was a new lock on the door. I saw the games were on. Two new guys were there and I was so confused. of the guys is the NEW MANAGER. Turns out, my boss (not no more) was fired! I was happy because he has a bad attitude and his personality is not it when it comes to working with people. So, I was sent home. The new manager could have called me but he didn't have any information on any of the employees. Looks like my ex-boss deserved to get fired.
They'll be calling all the employees in tomorrow and they are going to evaluate us, and then give us a new schedule, if they decide to keep us. HOPEFULLY!!! Pray that they still keep me.

Anyways, since I'm up (when I could have slepted in!!!!) I'll be going out to lunch with Yvonne and baby Dominic, then shopping at Hot Topic. I need a new backpack. Then, I don't know where. There isn't going to be much traffic or people out because it's RAINING!!!! Yay!!!!

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