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Spring break...

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on March 23, 2009 - 7:48am

Had a great time in Hawaii...

We arrived Sat afternoon (Hawaii time) after an 8 hour fight (6622 miles, got on our buses, checked into our hotel and had our security briefing.

On Sun we went to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor (I left the lei I received at the airport as a remembrance to all who died that day), a bus tour of Honolulu and then the orchestra played at the Royal Hawaiian Bandstand Sunday afternoon. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant where the prepare the food in front of you.

Mon was a free day..most of the kids went snorkeling, hiking, parasailing or on the catamarand. I relaxed and read a book then went to do some shopping. In the evening the kids did a scavenger hunt around Waikiki (with an adult sponsor of course).

Tues the band/orchestra marched in the St.Patrick's Day parade.
We only had about 300 (out of about 600) band members there, but you could hear them from blocks away. We had a dinner/dance cruise in the evening.

Wed we had a picnic lunch on a beach along the North Shore of Oahu, then spent the day at the Polynesan cultural center...they had Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti and several other islands represented in different areas of the park. At night we had dinner with traditional Hawaiian food and night time dance show.

We left late Thurs afternoon, but arrived early Fri am because of the time change. I spent most of Friday napping off and on trying to get used to the time change. The return flight was only 6 hours as we had the trade winds in our favor.

Some nights we had the kids so worn out they would ask us to do their room checks so they could go to sleep.
And the parents/chaperones were worn out too.

Now....sometimes being a healthcare provider can be a not so good thing because you think of all the bad things somthing can be...Just before I left for Hawaii a bright red spot, about the size of a quarter, showed up on my right breast. It hasn't gone away so I called my doc and have an appt this afternoon. I am also due for a mammogram so I scheduled a diagnostic mammogram for Thurs early am. It hasn't gotten bigger (or smaller), doesn't hurt and there is no lump or discharge, but I must admit I am a bit concerned. Hopefully, it is nothing; figures my son is home today with a bad cough that kept him up all night and I have a mtg tonight for the Touchdown Club (football booster club) as I am the JV liason for next year.

I know it doesn't help to worry yet, but....I can't help but worry a little. I'll let you all know what they say.

Well, that is about all that happened to me on spring break.

Take care one and all.

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