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too much sugar!

oakley08's picture
on March 24, 2009 - 11:56am

I have finally settled into my new house, my rabbits havent got a clue what to do with themselves with all the outdoor space...typical when we didnt have much they were loons and bouncing off the walls, now they have what seems like acres...they dont bother!
Just a few more days to yet another half term break here in the uk, this time its for two weeks, which i really could have done with on the last one! Moving house is a nightmare and i dont know how my mother in law has done it as many times as i have known her (4 years!) its far too stressful altho a high light is i now have access to the board woop-pee so thanks for all the welcomes!
Cant wait for my new niece or nephew who will arrive in around 7 weeks time and my own gyne apt that looms closer on the 20th april. I will finally find out why i keep misscarrying, altho at my last investigation they did see something thats treatable and gave me many other possibilities too which is always good.
But right now im off to make chocolate easter lolly-pops to take to work for th staff room lol

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