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Groban and Perry: not dating.

Nessa7's picture
on March 24, 2009 - 3:53pm

I'm excited to start my presentation about music for my speech class. Some Grobies are letting use their pictures for my poster. I have pictures of my own, too.
I have to start writing the outline today.
Also, I have to start the transparent color chart for my art class, but that I'll start tomorrow. I have to have the first coating done by this weekend.

I still haven't heard from the new manager at work. I called a few minutes ago, but he wasn't in. Another guy answered and his going to call the manager to let him know that I called.

this was on

"Josh and Katy are very close friends and hang out, but they are not a couple," Groban's rep, Luke Burland, tells PEOPLE in response to rumors of a relationship between the two.

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