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Hot 'N' Cold

lfranklin's picture
on March 24, 2009 - 8:52pm

Yesterday I work 9+ hours at work, go 7 hours between meals, get up at 5AM to be on the ice at 6 without breakfast, come home absolutely cranky because I'm starving only to have my dad in a cranky mood too and *then* when I log in to FOJG to cheer myself up I see that Josh is dating Katy Perry. I shouldn't care and I know it, but you know what? With no food, little sleep and having worked *every day* for the last three weeks, it really made me *CRANKY* Stupid I know, but it was the final straw at the end of a ridiculously *long* day that was just the bummer I didn't need (I swear, I'm a good Grobanite who doesn't take herself *that* seriously who would *much rather* see Josh happy, it's just that he's so much more fun to ogle when he's unattached) Then I get mad at myself for even caring a tick about something *so stupid* as how a celebrity I will probably never hold a conversation with is spending his time and that of course makes it worse. (I am *famous* for shredding myself to scary bloody bits without showing any outward signs to even close family) I go to bed with a pounding headache and I'm all weepy and *flipping* ridiculous so of course, I don't sleep.

(... and insert your favorite adjectives around cranky. I'm being polite in public)

Today was a copy of yesterday at work. *LONG* hours, sparse food, ended up giving two improptu demos for a project I barely know, spend the whole day running around scheduling and rearranging meetings, come home balling cause I feel bad for being cranky at my dad yesterday plus I'm exhausted from not sleeping. But I am determined to not dive into the chocolate so after an all-veggies dinner on a tight, unhappy stomach I go grocery shopping and then walk on the treadmill. Then I go to check my email and can't stop my darned obsessive curious self and I have to see if the threads have gone "poof" yet or if anyone has said anything and find that... Josh's reps say it isn't true.

Good lord do I suddenly have Katy's Hot 'N' Cold stuck in my head now.

I give up. I'm tired of being cranky but that's not really Josh's fault, it's mine for working 50+ hours a week for three weeks. I miss my dog and I haven't read anything decent (a la Tolkien or Bronte or Dickens etc) for way too long.

Josh, you had better be making us one kick-butt album. And for your own sake, have a chat with your "friends".

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