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Doc not concerned..

RuthLM's picture
on March 25, 2009 - 7:20am

I went to my doc on Monday about the large bright red spot on my rt breast. Thankfully, she is not concerned and she recommended some hydrocortisone cream. She is right when she said that I probably would have ignored it if the spot had been anywhere else.
She was however glad that I came in to see her and be safe. I will have my mammo on Thurs AM. There is no hx of breast CA in my family.

Heard that Josh's rep issued a statement claiming that Josh is not dating Katy Perry. Interesting??? after all the buzz that they were dating. Personally, I wait until I see a picture AND an announcment from both parties confirming relationships. During the live chat he said he doesn't have time for a personal life...well, if he wanted one, he would make the time and he will when he meets someone he wants to have a personal life with. And well... what business is it of mine anyway?

Hope everyone has a good day...

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