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on March 26, 2009 - 12:21am

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about making new friends online is the fact that we can share musical suggestions back and forth. I’ve shared Josh Groban’s music with a fair number of my online friends (and yes, that doubles as the JG part of my post for today). I think almost all of them are now Josh Groban music fans even if they aren’t part of his fan club. I’ve also received some great suggestions from my online friends.

(Okay, I wasn’t completely thrilled with every suggestion, but at least I gave them all a listen. Right?)

Anyway, I was listening to some of those songs tonight on my iPod that were like a walk down memory lane of people I’ve known – and some I still know – online. No matter what you think about online friendships – and you hear some real horror stories on the news at times - there’s always something good to be found from each and every person that you meet, no matter where you meet them.

I think that if a person comes into your life, it’s for a reason, right? Maybe it’s not a big, earth shattering change-your-life reason, but maybe it’s just for a moment so that you can lift their spirits – or maybe so they can lift yours if you open yourself up enough to let them inside the gates that we all put up around us at times.

Anyway, that’s a rather roundabout way of saying that I was thinking about old friends tonight and wondering how they’re doing. It’s also another way of saying that I’m really glad to be ‘meeting’ some of the new friends I’m making here online at FOJG as well.

-waves to all my new friends and friends to be- Dream well. ;-)

[Title for the post borrowed from the song by that title by Beyonce]

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