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UMD Bulldogs

vijaykumar's picture
on March 28, 2009 - 4:03am

So I am consumed by college hockey this weekend. Our UMD Bulldogs tied the game last night with 0.8 seconds left. what was a so so game turned into a nail biter in the last 39 seconds. They won in OT and now I am preparing to have more company tonight to see the game. Chris reluctantly came over to watch. For 3 months all he's done is sit inside his house. I talked a little bit about depression and how it is good to get out of the same 4 walls for a while, plus it doesn't cost anything. I feed you. He came and was glad he did. I see some signs of major depression with him and our lack of sun doesn't help. We've gone about 10 days now without it and we are all getting a little cranky.
My oldest nephew is in town playing hockey this weekend too. He's on a 3 on 3 league. It's an endurance/skills training. I think I'll go to his early game today to say I at least saw him play this year. Although, he plays year round. His brother was the one that got hurt at the last game I was at. I hate dirty play, especially when young kids are allowed.
I get my stained glass kit today too. I am so excited. I found a pattern of an American flag with an eagles head coming through it. I will have to order it so I can make a couple. Chris will get one for his birthday for sure. He's a flag "junkie" He faithfully puts out his American flag in the morning along with his Navy flag and then takes them in before dark. he said he needs to put up the proper lighting in order to keep them up all the time. In this neighborhood I'd take them in daily. We have little turds running around all the time doing things they shouldn't be doing. My husband knows who they are too. They tried to do the ding dong ditch thing to us and he followed them up the alley. He never said anything, but it scared the crap out of them. I told my hubby too that the next time they set feet in my yard and I see them, I'm calling the cops. I am tired of them tormenting my kids. They hide bikes, lock kids up in sheds, throw things...I am done, no warning. These 2 boys are headed down the wrong path and I will try and change it. A good scare from an officer never hurt.
Well, Hoping today is a wonderful day for you all. It is me. Better go and think about what we are going to have for game night II.

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