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on March 28, 2009 - 9:38pm

One problem is solved then another creeps up. It's starting to drive me absolutely crazy!!! I was cleared by my Dr. to go about my normal life with exception to lifting. I get out and walk and before I know it I'm down with two infections. This hasn't been my worst year by any means but I thought I had put some of this behind me. I guess not. I get frustratd at times. You might say that I'm sick of being sick!!! I'm at a low point at this moment so I'm sorry for dumping this on you. I need to deal with it and quit whining.
On the lighter side of things I watched Oprah on the 24th. I was amazed!!! They (Dr.Oz and Oprah)were showing how new parts of peoples bodies were grown by their own blood! For instance a finger, heart valve, bladder etc. I can only wish at this time. Dr.Oz was also saying how people can live longer by calorie restriction among other things. He was also talking about juicing something I love to do but our juicer broke several years back. I wasn't able to convince Dave to buy one. Dr.Oz did. YAY!!!!! It's coming no later than next Friday!! I can't wait!!!! Dave is looking into figuring out a way to buy an infared sauna. It's supposed to be quite healthy for us and burns calories. We'll see about that one. Oprah's show did something that I haven't been able to do for 7 years!! I wrote her an e-mail thanking her for that show.

Well, I guess I have bent your ears enough for one night. Thanks for listening. Have a Joshfilled night.