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Olympic Fanfare, please...

SamanthaJ3's picture
on March 29, 2009 - 12:56am

-cue the Olympic fanfare that plays during the broadcasts-

Yes, I FINALLY finished my daughter's costume today. It still needs a couple of minor tweaks, and I want to reinforce one of the seams. Otherwise it's done, done, done, and yes - I am sooooooo relieved.

-hands out celebration chocolates or non-dairy treats as the case may be-

That was only one part of a very hectic and busy day. It was a good day, just sooooooo busy in so many places. I was out at dinner with some other people, and while the food was great I kept thinking about how I needed to get back home and finish working on that costume. Okay, and I also had the thought about how nice a quick nap would be at one point, but shhh - don't tell.

We also had a bit of weather excitement today. Apparently there was a tornado warning, but I think the storm must have passed to the east of us. The skies here never grew dark enough to actually get concerned about what type of weather was headed toward us.

The lightening & thunder were tremendous, though, and I even saw a rainbow at one point. The rainbow disappeard quickly, but it's always an unexpected little treat to see one in the sky.

Okay, off to bed with me before I fall asleep on my keyboard and wake up with the letters Y, U, and I printed backward on my nose.

JG reference for the day - I don't know if you play any of the games on the board. I kinda like the 'Just One Word' game myself, and it's amazing to see how often the words can lead back to a JG song.

Short term goals for tomorrow - hit the snooze alarm at least 5 times & stay away from the 'bid now' button on eBay.

-waves good night- Dream well, and have a most excellent Sunday! :-)

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