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on March 29, 2009 - 12:00pm

try to roller skate when you're 41 years old.

I'm so sore today. I took Riley to a friends B-day party yesterday. I was goaded into skating with "the girls". So I put on my size 10 skates. I did a practice run on the sideline of the rink, then out we all went.

I said "Riley whatever you do, do NOT grab onto me or I'll fall and crush your guts out."

We went around the first couple of times no problem. It was a bit shakey, but I had it under control. Not nearly as limber as I was in my teenage years.

Then Riley rolls up behind me and grabs the pockets of my jeans. It all went in slo-mo from there.

"Riiiiilllleeeyyyyy, leeeet GOOOOOO, I'm gonna FAAAAALLLLL"


That lack of control is the worst thing ever. There was nothing to grab on to.

And I'm here to tell ya....fallin' at 40 is a whole lot different than fallin' when you're 13.

I landed on my backside, wrists behind me. My head whipped back and barely missed the floor. Riley was to the side of me and my rear managed to land on his shin.

I just layed there for a second. When I looked up, 2 guys were rolling over to me to make sure I was ok. I sat up and said "I'm fine....I'm ok."
Then I tried to get up and I looked up to one guy and said "Can you help me up?" LOL!!

I managed to roll over to the sideline. My wrist was killin' me.

That wasn't enough, I had to go back out a few more times.

I finally said to my friends "I don't love you guys enough to go around one more knees and my back are done."
They had all wiped out too.

What cracked me up more than anything was a couple of guys older than us. You can tell they had visited Skatetown USA every Saturday since they were kids. They just NEVER moved on in life.

These guys were hot rodding in and out and boogying to the music, going backwards and moonwalking.
We were just jealous. LOL!

As the night went on, my wrist kept hurting more and more. I could move it, so I knew it wasn't broken, just wrenched real good. Minor whiplash this morning....aches and pains.
Nothing that a little ibuprofen won't take care of I suppose. time...I hope I remember that my body is not as immature as my brain. LOL!

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