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Too excited...........

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on March 31, 2009 - 9:53pm go to bed. So thought I'd hang with all of you for a while! Well, Hannah made it home safe and sound. I can't wait to see her this weekend and see all of her beautiful pics of Athens, Corinth, London, etc. She spent her 19th birthday taking pics of Big Ben and the changing of the guard - cool or what?

The most exciting part of my day is Hannah's signed up to be a Mary Kay beauty consultant on my team. I've been waiting for this moment for 17 years. I just dream of building our businesses together and having fun in Dallas TX every year for Seminar.

Well, we didn't get our snow storm. They forecasted a DOOSIE of a storm but it stayed north of us. My sister's kids' school was called off today - she's only about 65 miles away.

I can't believe tomorrow is the beginning of April. Do all of you have an April Fools prank ready? I'm trying to think of a good one for my hubby.....just can't come up with a really good one! Do you think he'd believe me that I'm running off with Josh?????
.........come on you guys - it's not THAT out of the question.........OK, maybe it is :( LOL

Well, I think I'll finish up my book so I can start a new one - I'm just not into this one and I'm like 25 pages from the end. Maybe it'll be a really great ending and I'll eat my words....I hope so!

Hope you're all having a GREAT week :)...........

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