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Now what

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on April 1, 2009 - 5:24pm

Som when it rains it pours. We had that stupid snow storm come through here yesterday. the wind was wicked and we got about 8 inches of the really wet, heavy snow. I managed to get Chris shoveled out as that isn't a job for a one armed man. My husband blew the rest of it with the malfunctioning snowblowe. ARGH.
My daughter, well things went from bad to worse. Yesterday I got her in the tub thinking she'd feel better when I noticed this bright red rash on her chest and some other parts. I tried desperately to go to the Dr. but she was only going to be seen by her own Dr. I did get an appointment early today. What doesn't that poor child have. Strep, ear infection and scarlet fever. she is off school the rest of the week and then next week is spring break. I felt so bad when she was moaning for MOMMY at 4am. Nic stayed home with her today and my mom is supposed to watch her tomorrow. That is another story. My grandpa had a dream that he fell. The problem was that it wasn't a dream. Today he wasn't doing well. He told my mom that "the good Lord has turned the key to off". A little pneumonia has settled in and he will probably not rebound from this. Sadly, he may never see the new place that he had built. It kills me that I can't go and see him, but I don't dare track in all the crap that I have been exposed to into a nursing home.
On the positive side. I now have my room all set up with my stained glass stuff. I went and had 2 patterns enlarged and both are tulip scenes. I guess I am looking forward to the flowers again. Hoping to work on them this weekend. I'll try and post pictures. I know I can get them on my facebook page, but thissite, I don't have a clue yet.
Well, Hope you are all healthy.

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