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Taxes finished....

RuthLM's picture
on April 2, 2009 - 9:09am

Well, I finally sat down and did my income taxes ( Texas doesn't have state or local income taxes). I owe less than 800.00 this year...yeah!!! Probably because I was able to declare two years of property taxes ( one year paid in 1/08, the other in 12/08). Usually
we owe them like $3000.
I have to make one adjustment ( it won't affect my taxes ) and then I can print it out and mail it.

Thought Josh did a great job testifying before the congressional committee. He even mentioned how wonderful his fans were helping with his philanthropic activities.. i.e. FOJG.
He made us proud to be a fan.

Mentioning testifying, I got another jury service notice for 5/7/09. Maybe they won't want me since I served on a criminal jury in the past ( about 3 years ago) and found the guy guilty ( he is spending 25 years in prison before he can come up for parole).

Well, gues I had better get back to my laundry making 2 Boston Creme Pies ( it is actually a yellow cake with vanilla pudding in the center and covered in a chocolate gnoche)..1 is for a friend's BD at work and the other for my son; and crocheting some more beanies for the Covered with Love group that is part of FOJG.

Hope everyone one has a great day..

Josh hugs..

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