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An April Fool

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on April 2, 2009 - 4:10pm

I was at work yesterday during a slow moment. We were all sitting up front and I thought it would be funny to text Robert and tell him the head hanchos were all here having a meeting. There may be layoffs, yada, yada.

He texted back..."Yikes...Hope it's not you".

I texted him back saying "I'm scared." "It looks like it may be me and Melinda."

He was buying into it hook line and sinker. My last text said "It really doesn't look good for me."

He texted "You've been a good employee, hopefully they will consider that."

Then I said "APRIL FOOLS!"

His reply was:

"U bitty! Not funny! PB's are hell!"

We all cracked up! Then I wondered what "PB's" were.

Oh right...paybacks.

That scared me a little, because Robert's paybacks are definitely hellacious. It's almost not worth the initial joke. He cannot stand to be HAD.

Later in the day I got a text from Robert that said:
"Ms. Shelton passed away today. Her son just called me. Riley will be so upset at the news."

My heart dropped to my knees for a split second. Ms. Shelton is our little sweet neighbor. We love her so much.

Then it hit me immediately that it was complete BS.

I texted him and said "You jerk. I didn't bring DEATH into my april fools joke!!!"

He never confirmed or denied it. THEN when he got home he went as far as to tell Riley he had some bad news.

I said "I swear, if you tell him Ms. Shelton died I will wreck you!!"

He just laughed and huffed off.

He's still being ornery about it. This morning I asked him to throw me a bagel into the toaster oven along with his.
When I grabbed it on my way out the door, it had a perfect bite mark out of it.

He won't leave it alone until he feels like he's sufficiently payed me back.

heh!! Big baby!!

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