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I just have to say...

Jsgirl44's picture
on April 2, 2009 - 7:31pm

after all of that ranting yesterday people still had to make it political! I just still am having a hard time fathoming thinking that it is a good idea to give the Queen an iPod! I do also have to say that I didn't want McCain either, but at least he probably wouldn't spend a trillion dollars in a day when we are in a recession! I actually kept asking for a do over with new candidates because either way it was going to be bad.

Anywho... the real reason I wanted get on here also has to do with our president. We are going to the Nats home opener when we go to DC and guess what? He's going to be there throwing out the 1st pitch! I can't believe it! I just am totally shocked. I know I shouldn't be because its kind of like a tradition, but it just never occurred to me, so now I'm really thinking that I'm not going to make it through the weekend. lol. I never thought I'd ever be in the same place as one president let alone two slimy, democratic ones. Come on Kathleen, you know you wanted to use disinfectant after the whole Clinton thing. Don't lie! lol.

Yeah, so its going to be fun, a little scary, but fun. I can't wait. I'll take lots of pictures as long as I don't break my camera! :-) Laters.

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