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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on April 3, 2009 - 4:51am

I'm tired. The beginning of the week was great ... I had energy and I seemed to get enough sleep but the last few days ... aaarrrggghhh! Not enough sleep! Emma tried to break my nose day before yesterday when she slammed her forehead into my face. I heard it crack and then I waited for the blood. It didn't bleed but it did swell a little and my eyes are a little black ... good grief! Anyway, I'm thankful it's Friday because I need to get some rest ... but now that I think of it I doubt I'll get any -- Emma's back!!!!! She's such a little stinker. I swear she thinks I'm the mom and her mother is her sister. She calls me mom but does call her mom "mommy" ... she thinks Duncan is her brother for sure. hehehehe Duncan is watching Family Guy and Death's mother is harassing him hahahaha! Okay so anyway ... Work is about the same only I guess Jessi got a promotion - she's going to be a medical assistant in the back rooming the patients. Wonder who they are going to get to work up front with me? That upsets me because Jessi and I are like sisters there ... I'm not really thrilled about this. I'm glad for her that she got a promotion but not happy for me being left alone. ::sniff sniff:: No one feels sorry for me better than me. So anyway ... I've not done any writing and I seem to be losing my touch. I think it's because Josh has gone off and seems to be ignoring the hands that feed him. I know you think he's busy but busy doing what? He's barely in the studio ... and he is surely not posting on the board like any sort of acknowledgment of the birthday auction ... Where is he and what's he doing? Anyway... I know you think it sounds like I'm angry with him and I probably am a little bit but I just miss him a whole lot and he hasn't been returning any of my phone calls ...

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